Customer Reviews

I highly recommend ATS Restoration. I had extensive water damage in my house. ATS made the whole restoration process as easy as possible. They did outstanding, quality work and worked as neatly as possible, always cleaning up after themselves. Kelly, the owner; Joshua, the project manager, and Rene, the foreman all deserve an A+. My insurance adjuster recommend the company.


Sharon Gunrud 

It’s been 2+ months since you completed the project, and +/- 4 months since we met all of you.

Shanthi and I really appreciate the care and attention you and your team put into our home

renovation project.What started off as a leak and plumbing issue turned into a project that was completed with care. Your team worked with great sub-contractors.


Marco’s team doing the tile work were professional, timely, responsible, respectful, and courteous.

Frank working the door frame did a great job Eli’s plumbing was great.  I really appreciated the hard work and dedication he had in solving the problem in the tight space while always keeping a smile on his face.  He was truly professional. I forget the painters name. I may have forgotten another name or two, but I did not forget the quality of work they did.


Everybody that walked into my house were like Marco.  They were professional, timely, responsible, respectful, and courteous. We felt they were treating our home as if it were their own home. That speaks to ATS Restoration. 

That speaks to the quality that Kelly put into ensuring we had the best experience with this project. I would recommend you and your company to any friend who is going through a remodel project similar to ours. I would keep your names and your contact information stored in my phone for years to come, knowing that there will be a time in the future where I’ll need work done on my home again

(hopefully not between Thanksgiving and NewYears, though) :)


We trusted you with this project. You earned our trust through those you placed in our home. You fulfilled on your promised over and over.


Thank you ATS Restoration

for a job well done!


Brian &  Shanthi Kerssies